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Cotton is the commonly use of fiber in almost all types of clothing. You can easily buy the ready-to-wear clothes in formal or casual clothing lines of different brands. Cotton is one of the fabrics widely used in all the fashion industries; you can easily find western, eastern, and even African dresses in cotton stuff. Cotton cloth is made of fine Cotton fiber that harvests in the different zones of the world.  
Cotton is declared as the favorite and commonly used textile fiber in the world. It also has a considerable contribution to the textile market, with a total share of 56%. Surprisingly, only in the USA, clothing fabric manufacturers utilize Cotton in the production of home furnishing, clothing, and other garments. The evidence of Cotton manufacturing and use in the 3000BC is found, and the roots of its dig into Southern America. Some people said that Cotton cultivation was started in India, and after that, it spread from Chine to South Pacific. The Egyptian culture also gives a reflection of the ancient use of the cotton material. No place in the world denied the importance and usage of Cotton. 
Cotton is the staple and soft fiber that grows in the ball shape, and the plant of cotton produces it with the specific fiber seeds. According to the different types of cotton, it has a different native zone all over the world, including America, Africa, and India. If we talk about the natural fiber, the only cotton can win the crown of purity and the fiber's natural formation.
The Name Cotton derived from the Arabic word called Qutn, and it was used in circa 1400. If you ever get the chance to check the formation of cotton cloth or stuff, it has a unique structure that makes it complicated and commonly used fiber of the textile industry.  
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Properties of Cotton:

If we talk about the quality of the cotton, the portal has many small and big textile dealers who will supply different types of cotton fiber that you can buy in various sizes and lengths. It is said that the thread's quality can be measured through its length, and it can decide how much cotton is pure.

Its commonly found that is why the price of raw cotton material is also low as compared to the other fibers. The crop of the cotton required moisture and heat at some level. It is not common plants that can be easily grown but can grow in a warm atmosphere.  

Well, if you are looking for the length and quality of the Cotton, then you must watch this table, where you can see the length and size of the cotton staple.

No.Size of Cotton StapleLength (Inches)Length (Cm)
1Short staple
3/8” to 15/16”
.95cm to 2.4cm
2Medium staple
1” to 1-1/8”
2.54cm to 2.86cm
1-3/16” to 2-1/2”
3cm to 6.35cm

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It will take a long time, hard work, and different sections to transform a single fiber thread to the ready-to-wear dress. The clothing fabric manufacturer provides many options for the users so they can come and purchase whatever they want. 

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